Fucking Different XXY (2014)

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Director: Kristian Petersen, Buck Angel, J. Jackie Baier, Felix Endara, Sasha Wortzel, Kay Garnellen, Gwen Haworth, Jasco Viefhues, Mor Vital
Germany, 2014, 83’

Break stereotypes. Create confusion. Celebrate diversity.
In order to create even more gender confusion as in his latest compilation Fucking different XXX, Kristian Petersen asked for only trans filmmakers to contribute a short film about something that is alien from their own gender concepts. Fucking Different XXY features short films Jesse (Buck Angel), Convincing Authenticity (J. Jackie Baier), Grid & Grind (Felix Endara & Sasha Wortzel), Transaction (KAy Garnellen), A Woman with a Past (Gwen Haworth), Internal Body Shots (Jasco Viefhues), and a short film about trans-woman Juliana Lev, directed by Mor Vital.