Marissa Lôbo: Fuck you queer white supremacy celebration! (2012)

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The video performance developed and performed by Marissa Lôbo in collaboration with Nataša Mackuljak, Alessandra do Santos Silva, Xhejlane Rexhepi and  Noemi Auer is an intervention on  Colonial desire and otherness, sexuality, racialized bodies, contra esthetic,  migrant-precarious bodies,  sex work, society double moral,  and  the regime of Western  bodies politics.

Marissa Lôbo is a migrant black activist and artist born in Bahia, Brazil, she co-ordinates the cultural work within an self-organisation of migrant women, maiz (, engaged in  artistically critical education related to anti-racist or anti-sexist struggles. Her critique adresses hegemonic sexualised and racialized body regimes from a »queer of color« perspective. She aims to de-colonize queer theory and to intervene in this white supremacist narrative and she studies Post Conceptual Art Practices at the Academy for fine Arts in Vienna.