Emilie Jouvet: One Night Stand (2006)

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Le premier p*rn* queer et lesbien français ‘DIY’ (‘ Do It Yourself’) de Emilie Jouvet. Le film est un champ d’exploration, un terrain de jeux multiple, un espace d’expression, une aventure romantique. Dix actrices/acteurs amateurs et amateurs de sexe réalisent leurs désirs et mettent à nu des sexualités lesbiennes et queer. Genres, jeux et pratiques se rencontrent et se mélangent dans une énergie débridée et créent un étourdissant et délectable festin de sexe, de passion et de désir.

*Emilie Jouvet, graduate of the Beaux Arts and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Émilie Jouvet is a film director and photographer.She’s been exploring the European queer scene for over 15 years, her photographic work encompassing intimate portraits and subversive mise-en-scène. Her work has been shown all over Europe. (Agnès B Gallery, the Maison Européenne de la photographie, Paris, the Arles Photography Festival, Tristesse de Luxe Gallery, Berlin, ArtRebels Gallery, Copenhagen, and also San Francisco in 2010 and Tokyo in 2012). In 2005 she made her first French, queer porn, lesbian and transgender feature film: One Night Stand. In 2009 she created an evanescent group of performers, for a unique European tour, with the intention of shooting her second feature film: Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts in the Queer X Show. A feminist, sex-positive documentary road-movie, released in cinemas across Europe in 2011. The film won the Award for the most innovative film at the “Belfort International Film Festival” as well as the Prize for Best Documentary in Canada and the Award for Best LGBT film at the Cannes Independent Film Festival. The entirety of her work was recognized by the Feminist Porn Awards Europe, in Berlin, in 2012.As a film maker, she partakes in numerous Film Festivals (LGBT, feminist, porn…), showing both her feature films and the many short films she directs.Since 2012 her films feature in the CJC’s (Young Cinema Collective) catalogue. Her work is shown on cinemaand TV screens (Canal +, Pink TV) and released on DVD in several countries: Solaris (FR), Fatale Media (US), Nutja Films (SW).A former member of the Queer Factory, she has co-founded different collective artist groups: TTMF, La Fem Menace, Les Productions Contraires. She is a member of Oui Oui Oui Egalité, AJL the Association of LGBT journalists and SAFE LGBT, the Association for the fight against violence within the LGBT community. She lives and works between Paris and Berlin.