Lucia Egaña: My Sexuality is an Artistic Creation (2011)

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Postporn emerges in the 90’s with Annie Sprinkle as a response to conventional pornography and its incomplete and utilitarian representation of women sexuality.

My sexuality is an artistic creation documents the postporn scene taking important place in Barcelona within the last decade. Through the archive material, DIY postporn videos, performances documentation and public space interventions, and seven interviews with artists and groups such as Diana pornoterrorista, María Llopis, Post-Op, Go Fist Foundation o La Quimera Rosa, Lucia traces the origins of this movement, their personal motivations and referents (Annie Sprinkle, The Volcano LaGrace, Cindy Sherman, Marina Abramovic, Beatriz Preciado, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault or Dona Haraway), to address the key issues on which postporn rotates. It is about the uncovering its causes, motivations and peculiarities, with the quest to build other forms of representation of sexuality where art and political activism are impossible to separate.

*Lucía Egaña Rojas (1979, Münster/Chile), has worked as an independent artist and freelance activist. Most of her work is based on collaborative productions that question the construction of social imaginary in popular culture. Since 2004 she is funding member of desBASURAment, an ongoing group project that work in diverse locations with waste, and since 2009,, a video streaming collective based in